Discover water you never imagined before...

Whether in cosmetic or healthcare markets, consumers' believes have radically changed: they will definitely go for products ensuring

  • Proven efficacy
  • Naturally based
  • No side effects

Adwatis SA provides a new product and technology platform called Advanced Water S-100.

Advanced Water S-100 is an active water consisting in a unique mineralization with high reducibility and semi-permanent stability caused by molecular ions with electron rich state. These molecular ions are characterized as high pH and weak basicity according to Lewis' theory.
This means that pH of Advanced Water S-100 is not defined by the concentration of hydrogen ions or hydroxide ions but by electrons according to Lewis' theory. Therefore, Advanced Water S-100 is totally safe and 100% biocompatible with human skin providing a unique optimization of cell's and tissues' ionic balance and metabolism.



Unique active water
High degree of efficacy
A new way of formulating

Better performances - unique mechanisms of action

Advanced Water S-100 combines both an excipient and an active component, ensuring unique efficacy and top safety for cosmetic & skin repair, such as skincare and cleansing, dermo-cosmetic, as well as a supportive therapy for wounds, burns, atopic dermatitis, acne, (...). Try it. Amazing.

Pure formulations without compromises

Advanced Water S-100 reshapes the way you develop and design new products thanks to its unique power. As Advanced Water only (diluted) or in combination with a few ingredients. Due to its preservative action, it redefines a new generation of pure and preservative-free products.

Easy to operate and efficient

Advanced Water S-100 simplifies technical constraints thanks to its unique self-preservative properties and light formula approach.


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