Discover water you never imagined before...

Whether in cosmetic or healthcare markets, consumers' believes have radically changed: they will definitely go for products ensuring

  • Proven efficacy
  • Natural based
  • No side effects

Adwatis SA provides a new product and technology platform called Advanced Water S-100.

Advanced Water S-100 is an active water consisting in a unique mineralization with high reducibility and semi-permanent stability caused by molecular ions with electron rich state. These molecular ions are characterized as high pH and weak basicity according to Lewis theory. Therefore, Advanced Water S-100 is totally safe and 100% biocompatible with human skin providing a unique optimization of cell's and tissues' ionic balance and metabolism.



Unique active water
High degree of efficacy
A new way of formulating

Better performances - unique mechanisms of action

Advanced Water S-100 combines both an excipient and an active component, ensuring unique efficacy and top safety for cosmetic & skin repair, such as skincare and cleansing, dermo-cosmetic, as well as a supportive therapy for wounds, burns, atopic dermatitis, acne, (...). Try it. Amazing.

Pure formulations without compromises

Advanced Water S-100 reshapes the way you develop and design new products thanks to its unique power. As Advanced Water only (diluted) or in combination with a few ingredients. Due to its preservative action, it redefines a new generation of pure and preservative-free products.

Easy and efficient

Advanced Water S-100 simplifies technical constraints thanks to its unique self-preservative properties and light formula approach.


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