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Sars-CoV2: a new line of defense thanks to Advanced Water

Dernière mise à jour : 23 févr. 2021

Advanced Water S-100 is considered the most innovative active water in the world in terms of noble mineralization, biocompatibility and low basicity. The result of more than 30 years of research and development by its Japanese partner, A.I. System Product Corp.

"Our technology is highly efficient and fully biocompatible, with no chemical additives or controversial components. Our approach focuses on ionic interaction, the fundamental basis of cellular metabolism" Georges Bouille, CEO ADWATIS SA.

For the French market, ADWATIS is working in close relationship with its GAPP partner, the renowned PB Group company, (, highly specialized in innovative dermocosmetic and OTC products’ development and manufacturing.

In the context of the global SARS-CoV2 pandemic (COVID 19), P&B is working in collaboration with ADWATIS SA, on a new Class I medical device nasal spray for ENT applications based on Advanced Water S-100 ionized water.

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