1. Dermo-cosmetic (skin care & hygiene)

At the cutting edge of high-performance skincare, Advanced Water S-100 is a breakthrough technology with a unique blend of essential natural minerals, to deliver proven, visible results as soon as it touches the skin’s surface. Advanced Water S-100 creates a natural defense for the skin, simultaneously reducing inflammation and detoxifying epidermal build-up from environmental aggressors whilst the high levels of replenishing minerals and alkalinity kick-start repair and stimulate regeneration.

As face/body mist S-100, watergel CC6, lotion, cream or serum:

  • Smartest and safest skin cleansing system (respects skin's natural pH value as well as optimizes skin microbiota)
  • Strengthens the cutaneous barrier
  • Purifying, anti-pollution effect, anti-fatigue & brightening effect, more uniforme skin complexion, less visible pores, soothing effect.
  • Reduces skin imperfections
  • Promotes cellular repair and regeneration (anti-aging)   >>>> See detailed Advice for use 


  • See under "Clinical cases / Tests" the following tests made: Patch test 48 hours / Human elbow fold test / Challenge Test / Cutaneous/Ocular Safety & Efficiency Assessment / TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss) / Cleansing against particles / Eye test Het cam / Stratum corneum test / Proton mobility / Naturality ISO 16128 / Ecocert non organic raw material / Anti-aging antioxidant properties.

Formulation for dermo-cosmetic

Advanced Water S-100 is totally stable overs years and can be mixed, under certain conditions, in case of minimalist formulas, with other products as long as pH remains over 11.00 once stability tests have been completed.

Partenership with PB Group for French market

Thanks to our GAPP Partnership, the French company PB Group / Sudcosmetics ( can provide you with a range of high pH cosmetic products, especially developped with Advanced Water S-100 and its unique properties for more efficacy and without any preservative thanks to S-100 power.

Original presentation for dermo-cosmetic made by PB Group, by clicking the below link:



2. OTC Medical / Veterinary

In case of medical device (CE device) certification, Advanced Water S-100 and its gel form CC6 could offer very interesting solutions as a therapeutic support in the following treatments: 

  • Woudcare (woundwash, ulcers, burns)
  • Dermal (acne, irritaded skin, atopic dermatitis)
  • Oralcare (mouthwash, preventive and supportive in case of parodontosis/gingivitis' treatments, teeth's biofilm & tartar removing)
  • ORL (nasalcare, ear wash (cerumen))
  • Haemorrhoids (pain relief, healing, anti-bleeding)

Please contact ADWATIS for more information.

Extracts from clinical cases (over 1000 cases as of today) and scientific papers under section "Clinical cases/ Tests".

  • Cleaning and detoxifying of open wounds

  • Moisturizing to better support scarring process

  • Healing to prevent infection

  • Restoring of tissue and skin functions

Example of oral-dental care application

Advanced Water S-100 also exists as water gel (CC6 gel) by mixing S-100 with 1% CMC-Na (sodium carboxymetyl cellulose gum) by keeping same properties for dermo-cosmetic applications.

In case of mouth-dental care, significant reduction of the plaque and tartar are oberserved as well as antibacterial effect against gingivitis and periodontosis combined with reduction of gums' inflammation.

Example of antibacterial effect against periodontal bacteria

Pictures made by microscope involving a patient suffering from periodontosis (P. gingivalis bacteria). Close to total elimination of bacteria after 15 seconds. Toothbrushing with 1g CC6 gel for 2 minutes.

3. Food Supplement

The acid-base balance: a source of well-being and vitality

Excessive acidity, as well as toxins accumulated in the body, can affect our health. Today's diet is too rich in animal proteins, sugar and fats. Processed products often contain substances that are harmful to cell metabolism, such as aromas, preservatives, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.


Other factors such as lack of physical activity, stress, insufficient hydration or taking certain medications contribute to the body's acid-base imbalance. There are 5 main emunctories: lung, liver, intestine, kidney and skin. They all participate in the elimination of the body's waste products, overabundant or harmful secretions. An excess of toxins and acidity weaken and slow down this elimination function. In spite of this wonderful self-cleansing power to neutralize and eliminate toxins, our body ends up clogging up, by saturation of these elimination systems.

Various effects can follow, such as :

Chronic fatigue
Dull complexion
Nausea on waking
Water retention
Muscle aches and pains

Numerous recent studies demonstrate the importance of a varied and balanced diet for the body. The vital substances for the body are plants. 

They remain unique because of their great diversity and the bioavailability of the nutrients they contain. They provide little acid and are alkalizing.

As a food supplement, Advanced Water S-100 offers an original solution due to its mineralization, alkalinity and antioxidant properties. 

For information purpose only, see Dr. Berna attestation under "Clinical cases / Tests".


NEW Food supplement application:

It is recognized in the literature that drinking of reduced (alkaline) water has the following properties, among others:

  • biological antioxidant potential (BAP) increase of blood plasma
  • Stimulation of the body's immune defenses
  • Combats oxidative stress
  • Deacidifying and alkalizing action.

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