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Water and minerals: the chemistry of life

If you thought water was a simple, innocent molecule, think again. Water is from far one of the most fascinating substance on our planet. Water remains one the major mysteries of the Universe. It supports life like no other substance does as chemical reactions in all plants and animals take place in water medium, releasing or consuming water in their metabolism. Life on Earth totally depends on water as living organisms are largely composed of water – about 70 to 90 percent by weight, and above 99 percent by absolute number of water molecules.

Water is vital both as a solvent in which many of the body's solutes dissolve and as an essential part of many metabolic life processes. Without water, these particular metabolic processes could not exist. Most of chemical reactions occur in the cell itself. Water plays a central role in biological and chemical, especially acid-base, processes. Equally important to our comprehension of the structure and dynamics of water is understanding the role it plays as a solvent facilitating long-ranged charge transport of species such as ions, excess protons and hydroxide ions. The excess proton and hydroxide ion, both particularly important in acid-base chemistry and bio-molecular function, plays an important role in the metabolism of all organisms as reflected by the wide variety of chemical reactions in which they take part. Ions are cofactors of enzymes, catalyzing basic functions such as electron transport, redox reactions, and energy metabolism; they are essential for maintaining the osmotic pressure of cells too.


Water, the universal solvent

Water is often referred to as the universal, superb solvent. Mainly due to the marked polarity of the water molecule and its tendency to form hydrogen bonds with other molecules. All of the components in cells (proteins, DNA and polysaccharides) are dissolved in water deriving their structure and activity from their interactions with water. Water dissolves more substances in greater quantities than any other common liquid making water key important in chemical, physical and biological processes.


Oxidation-reduction reactions

Basically, reduction means the addition of an election (e-), and its converse, oxidation means the removal of an electron. The addition of an electron, stores energy in the reduced compound. The removal of an electron, liberates energy from the oxidized compound. Whenever one substance is reduced, another is oxidized. In biological systems, removal or addition of an electron constitutes the most frequent mechanism of oxidation-reduction reactions, frequently called redox reactions.


Water is an acid and a base

Water can be both an acid and a base, depending on how you look at it. Water can even react with itself to form acid and bases. It happens in really small amounts; chemists have determined the concentration of H3O+ at 25°C as being very low: only a few molecules per billion will be dissociated. Dissociation of water forms an acid that increases the concentration of hydrogen ions (hydronium H3O+ also known as hydrated H+) and a base that increases the concentration of hydroxide ions (OH-). This can be amplified by using electrolysis process to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction.

The degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution is measured in terms of a value known as pH, which is the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ions. Scientists have defined a pH scale which ranges from 0 on the acidic end to 14 on the alkaline end, a neutral solution being at pH 7. At pH 7 water contains equal concentrations of H+ and OH- ions. Substances with pH higher than 7 are alkaline as having a higher concentration of OH- than H+ and vice versa for acidic substance with pH lower than 7 containing a higher concentration of H+ than OH-. The pH scale is a log scale so a change of 1 pH units means a tenfold change in the concentration of hydrogen ions.


pH and chemistry: avoid misunderstanding

Be aware that high or low pH does not necessarily means that a product is corrosive or not. Do not mistake pH and chemistry. pH is defined by hydrogen ions. pH meter device estimates the amount of hydrogen (H3O+) passing through the glass membrane from the electrode potential value. In other words, pH meter does not directly measure hydrogen ion concentration. The number displayed by pH meter is the value converted from electrode potential to pH.

You can drink Cola which has a pH of 2-3 (weak acid) but any student having knowledge in chemistry knows well that we cannot drink any solution of a strong acid (such as hydrochloric acid) at the same pH value, which would definitely create a problem... The same for high pH. In other words, we cannot judge if a product is safe or not solely by its pH. The same for lemon which is very acidic; but turns to alkaline once ingested. Important is to look at the reaction's behavior and the reaction which is generated.

Advanced Water S-100 is the most innovative water in the world in terms of mineralization, pH and biocompatibility.

 Advanced Water S-100 Technology


Alkaline water: an unsuspected power

Alkaline ionized water generated by water electrolysis has constantly received increasing attention due to benefits in treatment and prevention of diseases. Electrolysis of slightly salt water or tap water produces a special water very useful and known as functional electrolyzed water. Various types of functional water can be produced depending on conditions of electrolysis, and these types of water are classified into two major categories. One is functional electrolyzed acidic water, which is generated at the anode; the other one, generated at the cathode, is electrolyzed alkaline water. Both, depending on their properties, are widely used in nutrition, medical and dermo-cosmetic fields.

In Japan, research on functional water, especially on electrochemically reduced water (ERW) also known as electrochemically reduced alkaline water (ERAW), is developing at a rapid pace.

Studies on the functions of ERW were initiated in Japan in the 40’s and its application to agriculture was first attempted in 1954. Six years later, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, admitted ERW as effective for human health against various diseases (external & internal) and authorized ERW producing devices as Medical Device. Korean Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) followed a few years later. Today fast accumulating evidences clearly demonstrate how ERW can be health beneficial and active in reducing oxidative stress-related diseases.     


Advanced Water S-100: the alkaline miracles

ADWATIS SA introduces a new generation of ACTIVE ionized water called Advanced Water S-100, totally safe and non-chemical.
It is
 totally different from all other alkaline ones: unique mineralization with high reducibility and semi-permanent stability caused by molecular ions with electron rich state. These molecular ions are characterized as high pH and weak basicity according to Lewis theory.

This means that pH of Advanced Water S-100 is not defined by the concentration of hydrogen ions or hydroxide ions but by electrons according to Lewis' theory

  • Unequalled, ionized mineralized water
  • Unique properties thanks to its natural essential minerals and high pH with low basicity
  • Patented JP2007050400
  • INCI Name: Water & Mineral salts
  • Composition: H2O (99,7%), Na, Si, K, P, Mg, Ca, Cl (0,3%)
  • Naturality: 100% according to ISO 16128
  • Ecocert non organic raw material: COSMOS approved

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process

From the purest mountain waters, water is ultra-filtered then re-mineralized and structured through an electrolytic process, generating high pH and unique molecular compositions mainly associated with silicium and phosphorus. This is the result of an innovative, patented electrolytic process as well as longstanding expertise and know-how. Having a pH of 12, it has about 100’000 times more negative ions than normal water (approx. pH 7). Advanced Water S-100 is extremely stable and keeps its ionic properties for years. It can be diluted with water or mixed under certain conditions with other ingredients while maintaining ionic properties. 

The production process of Advanced Water S-100 is clean and without any negative impact on the environment. The by-product generated by the electrolytic process, i.e. the acidic water in the anode chamber, has a very low hydrochloric acid content which is neutralized and then eliminated, without any chlorine emanation. Our policy is to take into account not only the security of human life, but also the security of the environment.


Advanced Water S-100 is unique

It is made out of highly purified water and 7 essential and natural minerals with unique molecular structures:

  • Sodium and Potassium are the most important ions for outsider / inside the cell
  • Phosphorus has a key role in autophagy process / immune function. It is an essential mineral for almost all chemical reactions inside the cells.
  • Silicon due to its 4legs structure can create a myriad of substances. These substances are essential in cell's repairing and regenerating processes. Advanced Water S-100 has many different silicon molecular structures. Silicon stimulates the formation of collagen's fibers, which is especially indicated in order to tone and firm the skin.
  • Calcium and Magnesium are essential elements in the metabolism of eukaryotic cell biology. Magnesium as an enzymatic activator as well as calcium as intra-cell liquids regulator.
  • Chlorides generated make sodium and potassium stable and safe.


Advanced Water S-100

Standard alkaline waters

  • pH 12, mineralized, slightly negative ORP, bio-compatible, with high reduction properties *)
  • pH 9-10, ORP up to -600/-700mV
  • Stable (over 3 years)
  • Very unstable, quick loss of reduction power and basicity
  • Stable and safe properties thanks to a unique manufacturing process.

  • Made out of pure and ultra-filtered water enriched with selected minerals (Na, Si, K, P, Mg, Ca, Cl).

  • Can be diluted with demineralized water while maintaining ionic properties.

  • Advanced Water is a weak base. It is equivalent to 0,04M NH4OH.

  • When in contact with the skin / mucosa and its organic acids, Advanced Water S-100 is quickly neutralized to its natural pH level.

  • Unstable ionic properties which will even vary depending on production process. 

  • Made out of standard tap water without any control on mineral salts.

  • Potential presence of strong bases such as NaOH or KOH (toxic). Temporariliy presence of Hydrogen (H2).

  • Revert to neutral when diluted.

  • Does not keep ionic properties.

*) The ORP method according to the classical formula is not sufficient to fill in the redox of Advanced Water S-100. Indeed, the redox-meter cannot measure the value at the electrode interface at the nanoscale, so the measured value does not represent the redox power at the reaction interface in the case of a complexe electrolyte such as S-100. The most powerful analytical technique is based on electrochemistry where the resistance of the sample to be oxidized is translated to antioxidant capacity and expressed in µmol (ascorbic acid) vitamin C such as CEAC or BAP. Advanced Water S-100 and derivated formulations have high antioxidant  capacity values.



Unique mechanisms of action

Basic principle: S-100 Water contains ionic molecular structures coupled with negative ions OH-. Once in contact with any kind of surface, skin, mucosa, material, particles, (...) water ions interact by reorganizing electric charges. The surface remains polarized and actively prevents from any future building up of foreign particles, (known as "Double electric layer" theory).


1. The smartest cleansing and purifying system ever

Advanced Water S-100 and its negatively charged ions, penetrates, encapsulates all kind of particles, molecules, micro-organisms, (...) and removes them by repulsion force (due to same polarity) from all kind of even or uneven microscopic surfaces. Isolated particles and pollutants are easily removed by rinsing. In case of dermo-cosmetic applications, the same mechanism does happens on the skin. Alkaline body care makes use of the excretory capacities of the skin and mucous membranes.



Comparison made with "Micellar Water make-up remover" (left) versus Advanced Water S-100 (30% dilution) (right). Drawing made on a tile using "edding 250 whiteboard marker".


2. Antimicrobial & preservative power



Advanced Water S-100 quickly polarizes pathogen bacteria. Bacteria outer membrane (Gram-) is dissolved by ions force, leading rapidly to the destruction of the cell nucleus, eliminating any chance of re-contamination. Gram+ type bacteria are quickly dislodged by repulsion force. Advanced Water is not classified as biocide nore bactericide.


Advanced Water S-100 is the most innovative water in the world in terms of mineralization, low basicity and biocompatibility.



Bacteria, even alkaliphilic bacteria which are comfortable with high pH, cannot survive in pH over 10.5. Bacteria growth is therefore impossible under S-100 high pH (11.5 – 12.5). When in contact with the skin and its organic acids, Advanced Water S-100 is quickly neutralized to skin's natural pH level. Advanced Water S-100 is a weak base and is equivalent to 0,04M of NH4OH in terms of basicity. In any case, absolutely no negative reaction/stimulation of the skin is observed, as confirmed by several tests and analysis made by well-known European laboratories and research centers.



3. Cell's ionic balancing and regeneration

Regarding skin chemistry, a common and widespread misconception is that the skin has an acidic pH - it is not the skin that has an acidic pH but the acid mantle. The acid mantle can have a pH between 4.5 and 6.2 depending on ethnicity, age, gender and location on the body, moisture and many other factors. The acid mantle acts as a barrier over the skin that discourages the growth of bacteria and fungi. The cells, on the other hand, are in an alkaline environment. 

In the pursuit of balance and like every other organ in our body, skin performs best within a narrow, ideal environment especially when it comes to pH. When it deviates from its ideal value it can cause harmful bacteria to grow, triggering inflammation and skin conditions and causing accelerated ageing.

For our cells to be in their best health they need to be within an alkaline environment and creating this environment has multiple benefits – the cells can function at their optimum levels, they can properly absorb essential minerals, the skin’s defence system remains  intact and the important protein collagen is strengthened and protected. 

Thanks to an adequate pH and minerals environement, cells can develop and accelerate healing process by reducing inflammation and stimulating vascularization. Combined with its anti-microbial and cleansing effects, Advanced Water S-100 offers a state of the art solution for dermo-cosmetic skincare as well as for therapeutic support in case of woundcare's treatments (e.g. burn, ulcers, atopic dermatits, acne).


100% biocompatible

Thanks to its weak basicity (equivalent to 0,04M NH4OH) Advanced Water S-100 fully respects natural skin pH as being quickly neutralized when in contact with its natural organic acids. It easily penetrates the different skin's layers without damaging cell's membrane and cutaneous microbiota, unlike surfactants, alcohol, preservatives (...) which presence in most of today cosmetic/OTC formulas seriously denature and damage skin's tissues.

Skin's microbiota is very important as a protective mechanism; the microorganisms that live on and in human skin and their diversity contribute in balancing the microbiota, which characterizes an healthy skin.  It should be noted that dead bacteria must be evacuated in order to eliminate their toxins, especially for staphylococcus. The action of diluted Advanced Water S-100 on the skin helps to cleanse and maintain an healthy microbiota thanks to its anti-microbial effect using electric charges, mainly against Gram- bacteria. Skin-resident bacteria Gram+ are partially dislodged by repulsion charge -/- thanks to negatively charged outer membrane due to teichoic acid. 

Advanced Water S-100 is the only ionized and mineralized alcaline water free of chemical and harmful ingredients.

The only safe and 100% innovative alkaline pH product. A dream for dermo-cosmetics.

Advanced Water S-100 is not a fixed alkali (e.g. soda or potash) but a unique molecular arrangement rich in interlocking combinations of OH-. It is alkalinity without its disadvantages... A dream for dermo-cosmetics and skin care.

The recent "skin neutral products" campaigns is a marketing artifact and pH should not be considered as an indicator of whether a product is beneficial, irritating or not for the skin, unless it is chemically aggressive and therefore capable of damaging the skin. Advanced Water S-100 is the only alkaline product without caustic lye, potash or other similar chemicals.

Also important is its biological reducing power. The sebum on the surface of the skin is constantly oxidized, and the oxidized sebum feeds bacteria. In addition, skin cells oxidize with ultraviolet rays and age, and the skin weakens. Advanced Water S-100 as an antioxidant and purifier also reduces sebum and oxidized cells.

 Products & Applications


1. Dermo-cosmetic (skincare and hygiene)

At the cutting edge of high-performance skincare, Advanced Water S-100 is a breakthrough technology with a unique blend of essential natural minerals, to deliver proven, visible results as soon as it touches the skin’s surface. Advanced Water S-100 creates a natural defence for the skin, simultaneously reducing inflammation and detoxifying epidermal build-up from environmental aggressors whilst the high levels of replenishing minerals and alkalinity kick-start repair and stimulate regeneration.

As face/body mist S-100, watergel CC6, lotion, cream or serum:

  • Safest skin cleansing system (respects skin's natural pH value as well as optimizes skin microbiota).
  • Stengthens the cutaneous barrier
  • Purifying, anti-pollution effect, anti-fatigue & brightening effect, more uniforme skin complexion, less visible pores, soothing effect.
  • Reduces skin imperfections
  • Promotes cellular repair and regeneration (anti-aging)    >>>> See detailed Advice for use


  • See under "Clinical cases / Tests" the following tests made: Patch test 48 hours / Human elbow fold test / Challenge Test / Cutaneous/Ocular Safety & Efficiency Assessment / TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss) / Cleansing against particles / Eye test Het cam / Stratum corneum test / Proton mobility / Naturality ISO 16128 / Ecocert non organic raw material / Anti-aging antioxidant properties.

Formulation for dermo-cosmetic

Advanced Water S-100 is totally stable overs years and can be mixed, under certain conditions, in case of  minimalist formulas, with other products as long as pH remains over 11.00 once stability tests have been completed.

Partnership with PB Group for French market

Thanks to our GAPP Partnership, the French company PB Group / Sudcosmetics ( can provide you with a range of high pH cosmetic products, especially developped with Advanced Water S-100 and its unique properties for more efficacy and without any preservative thanks to S-100 power.

Original presentation for dermo-cosmetic made by PB Group, by clicking the below link:



2. OTC Medical  / Veterinary

In case of medical device (CE device) certification, Advanced Water S-100 and its gel form CC6 could offer very interesting solutions as a therapeutic support in the following treatments: 

  • Woudcare (woundwash, ulcers, burns)
  • Dermal (acne, atopic dermatitis, irritaded skin)
  • Oralcare (mouthwash, preventive and supportive in case of parodontosis/gingivitis' treatments, teeth's biofilm & tartar removing)
  • ORL (oralcare, nasal lavage, ear wash (cerumen))
  • Haemorrhoids (pain relief, healing, anti-bleeding)

    Please contact ADWATIS for more information.

Extracts from clinical cases (over 1000 cases as of today) and scientific papers under section "Clinical cases / Tests".

  • Cleaning and detoxifying of open wounds

  • Moisturizing to better support scarring process

  • Healing to prevent infection

  • Restoring of tissue and skin functions.


Example of oral-dental care application

Advanced Water S-100 also exists as water gel (CC6 gel) by mixing S-100 with 1% CMC-Na (sodium carboxymetyl cellulose gum) by keeping same properties for dermo-cosmetic applications.

In case of mouth-dental care, significant reduction of the plaque and tartar are oberserved as well as antibacterial effect against gingivitis and periodontosis combined with reduction of gums' inflammation.

Example of antibacterial effect against periodontal bacteria

Pictures made by microscope involving a patient suffering from periodontosis (P. gingivalis bacteria). Close to total elimination of bacteria after 15 seconds. Toothbrushing with 1g CC6 gel for 2 minutes.


3. Food Supplement

The acid-base balance: a source of well-being and vitality 

Excessive acidity, as well as toxins accumulated in the body, can affect our health. Today's diet is too rich in animal proteins, sugar and fats. Processed products often contain substances that are harmful to cell metabolism, such as aromas, preservatives, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

Other factors such as lack of physical activity, stress, insufficient hydration or taking certain medications contribute to the body's acid-base imbalance. There are 5 main emunctories: lung, liver, intestine, kidney and skin. They all participate in the elimination of the body's waste products, overabundant or harmful secretions. An excess of toxins and acidity weaken and slow down this elimination function. In spite of this wonderful self-cleansing power to neutralize and eliminate toxins, our body ends up clogging up, by saturation of these elimination systems.

Various effects can follow, such as :

Chronic fatigue
Dull complexion
Nausea on waking
Water retention
Muscle aches and pains

Numerous recent studies demonstrate the importance of a varied and balanced diet for the body. The vital substances for the body are plants. 

They remain unique because of their great diversity and the bioavailability of the nutrients they contain. They provide little acid and are alkalizing. 

As a food supplement, Advanced Water S-100 offers an original solution due to its mineralization, alkalinity and antioxidant properties. 

For information purpose only, see Dr. Berna attestation under "Clinical cases / Tests".


NEW Food supplement application:

It is recognized in the literature that drinking of reduced (alkaline) water has the following properties, among others:

  • biological antioxidant potential (BAP) increase of blood plasma
  • Stimulation of the body's immune defenses
  • Combats oxidative stress
  • Deacidifying and alkalizing action.

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